This section will begin our deep dive into the Cisco SD-WAN Policy framework. The first section will examine the difference between the underlay and the overlay routing. Then we will discuss the process of establishing control connections to each SD-WAN controller. The third section of this chapter will quickly introduce the vSmart controller. Then, we will explore the Overlay Management Protocol (OMP) and see how vSmart uses OMP to facilitate the control-plane function across the overlay fabric. In the last section, we will deep-dive into the OMP best-path algorithm, and then we will go through the following practical examples:

  • Lab #1: Hub-and-Spoke - Restricting spoke-to-spoke tunnels
  • Lab #2: Hub-and-Spoke - Allowing hub-to-spoke routing
  • Lab #3: Hub-and-Spoke - Enabling spoke-to-spoke communication
  • Lab #4: Traffic Engineering - TLOC Preference
  • Lab #5: Traffic Engineering - End-to-End Path Tracking
  • Lab #6: VPN Membership Policy - Isolating guest users

QUIZ: Centralized Control Policies