Wireless Fundamentals for CCNA students

23 Lessons

Most computer networks can be considered to be a combination of two general types of network technologies: local-area networks (LANs) and wide-area networks (WANs). As the name local-area network implies, LANs usually connect devices that are concentrated in a small geographical area such as room, building, a campus of buildings, etc. There are two general types of LANs: Wired LAN and Wireless LAN. Wired LAN is also referred to as Ethernet LAN and typically use a mix of copper and fiber-optic cables to connect nodes, while the Wireless LAN uses radio signals instead of cables to connect nodes.

In this course, part of our CCNA learning path, we will learn the fundamentals of building Wireless LANs. We are going to discuss topics like Access Points, SSIDs,  802.11 standards, Wireless Security Protocols, Wireless Controllers, and many more.